Peace. Comfort. Love. Joy. Over coming the heartache.

In the event of hurt we grasp at straws of blame and want to pin everything on someone, maybe even ourselves. How could we let this happen? What of we did this instead? Why would God allow this? Why right now? Couldn’t it wait?

Jesus knows his plan for our life before we are even born. He knows our days, the number of hair on our head, and he can see everything we do. There is no hiding how you feel from him. Are you mourning? Are you hurting from a regret? Does something still have a grip on your heart causing “depression?” 

I don’t know your situation, but I do know I’m writing this because someone else is hurting like I am. And I’m offering up how I’m working through it. 

Why do you need to stop hurting? Because hurting causes worry, depression, lashing out, and bitterness. The second you find yourself in that moment of shock, unable to breathe, unable to stop the tears from flowing, and not knowing what you are going to do about what just happened… call on Jesus. Pour all that hurt out to him and he will give you peace. I found that along with peace comes the joy. 

How could there be joy in hurt, you ask? There isn’t. The joy is in peace. Peace allows you to see the good that can come out of the situation. Opens your eyes to what can happen. That causes the joy. However, with death this is not where joy comes in. With death joy comes in knowing they were saved and Holy Ghost filled. That one day, you will be reunited with that person and with our King JESUS! 

Comfort comes in knowing of his love. That if Jesus didn’t love you he wouldn’t have given you that peace or the joy. He holds your heart in his hands and gives you calmness during the storm and faith to carry on. You KNOW he is going to care for you and be your provider. That to me is so comforting. His love for us is more than we can even imagine. 

Jesus is your peace, comfort, love, and joy. He knows our darkest thoughts and the smallest good things we do. Don’t allow heartache to cause a divide with you and Jesus. Let him be your healer. Let him fill the voids left from the heartache. 

As always, he did everything, so he can do anything. 

-Daughter of the King.

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